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History and Culture

CategoryⅠ: History of Taiwan


A1822 The Development of Science and Technology in Taiwan (2/0)(0/2) This course covers a  general history of the development of science and technology in Taiwan in terms                                                                                            of agriculture and national defense. 


A2410 Exploring Historical Culture and Antiques of Taiwan (2/0)(0/2) This course aims to develop students’ concerns about the history of Taiwan by studying documents and doing fieldwork in local historical sites.


A2507 History of the Development of Taiwan (2/0)(0/2) This course covers four periods of the history of Taiwan: first, the period of Spain and Dutch; second, the period of the Ming Dynasty and Ming Royalist Ruling; third, the period of the Qing Dynasty; fourth, the period under Japanese Ruling. It explores the impacts of these four periods on the development of Taiwan.


A3454 Exploring the History of Taiwan (2/0)(0/2) The objective of this course is to increase students’ knowledge of Taiwan’s history and culture.   


CategoryⅡ: History of Society and Culture


T1608 An Overview and Appreciation of Modern Publications in Taiwan (2/0)(0/2)  The course aims to introduce the development and guide students to appreciate the publications in modern Taiwan,1949-2005.


A1813 European Civilization (2/0)(0/2) This course presents an introduction to Western civilization with a focus on its strengths and weaknesses.


Category III: Persons in History


A2062 Chinese History and Historical Figures: An Introduction (2/0)(0/2) This course places  historical figures in their historical contexts to see the interaction between people and time.


A2062 Chinese History and Historical Figures: Types of Historical Institutions (2/0)(0/2) This course focuses on the backgrounds, the roles and the influences of different types of Chinese historical institutions.


A2368 Modern Historical Events (2/0)(0/2) Through treatments and analyses of some important historical events as well as related aristocracies, this course will lead students to realize the truth of history, the intergradations of historical events and the logos of significant historical figures.  


A2505 Western History and Historical Figures (2/0)(0/2) This course covers two sections. The introductory section explains how to analyze and assess historical figures. The other section aims to choose major historical figures in the Western history and to provide critical studies of their lives, actions and outstanding contributions.

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