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The Operation of Students Clubs and Team Development

Extracurricular Activities and Team Development
T0800 Service-Learning of Association (2): This course integrates volunteer activities with concepts of service-learning to guide student learning by doing and growing through self-reflection. The course also emphasizes knowing organizational management through teamwork and cooperation.
(T2637, T2638, T2639) Learning and Practice of Clubs (1): Through this course, students will gain a basic knowledge of how clubs are organized, how events are planned, and how communication and cooperation works within teams. By participating in student clubs, students learn to accept a diverse range of opinions, as well as learning about interpersonal relations, problem solving and other essential life skills.
T2937 Student Clubs and Professional Career: Leadership and Management (2): This course is built on the foundation of “Learning and Practice of Clubs”, a required course for freshmen. It aims at providing opportunities for students to enhance their Positive Thinking, Creativity, Communication and Expression, Problem Solving, and Team Spirit. Students should acquire the knowledge of how to integrate student club leadership experience with their future career plans.
T2938 Activity Program Design (2): This course improves student abilities in designing and planning programs by analyzing the types and examples of events and by participating in workshops.
T2939 Associations Project Management (2): This is an introductory course on the key concepts of planning and executing projects in student clubs. We will learn the benefit and effectiveness of project management by identifying factors that lead to project success, learning how to plan, analyze, and manage large scale activities while in university.

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