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Information Education

Information Education
E3527 Introduction to Computer Science and Its Applications (2)This is a fundamental course for computer science, which will help students understand how to apply such techniques to improve daily work and solve basic problems. The course will include introduction to Windows operations, Internet applications, Office Word and PowerPoint and basic multimedia tools.
E3528 Network and Information Technology (2)In this course, students will learn not only fundamental knowledge of network and information technology, but also the applications and their impact on our lives and technology. We will cover the following topics: WWW, Web commerce, impact of network on human life, basic principles of networks and communications, wireless cellular and data networks, RFID, sensor networks, Internet of Things (IoT), smart mobile devices, cloud computing, and the future of the Internet.
E3529 Microsoft Office Specialist Certification (2):This course introduces the skills of the Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint. The related training forms the basis for Microsoft Office Specialist Certification.
E3530 Application of Network and Cloud Computing (2): This course will help students understand many resources available in Cloud Computing, while training students to enhance efficacy of daily work and learning via actual practice.
E3531 Introduction to Multimedia (2): This course will help students build a solid understanding of multimedia technologies and tools, while inspiring students to further explore various aspects and applications of multimedia as well.
E1034 Introduction to Computers (2): This course is designed for freshmen, not only to enhance their computer knowledge, including programming, network management, network communications, multimedia, video graphics and others, but also to improve their abilities for obtaining desired information from the Internet. At the same time, related topics, like e-commerce, computer virus and information security, are introduced such that students will have sufficient skills for further investigating and learning more advanced techniques or applications. Finally, students can apply those abilities and skills to their daily life.
T0205 Web-Based Programming (2): The goal of this course is for students to understand web development environments, learn basic web program languages (php, html and CSS), and write interactive web applications.
E3742 iOS Programming Development (2)This course introduces iOS programming development technique, and the course will include environment introduction, Swift programming language, graphic control, positioning technique, camera control technique, and multi-thread programming technique. Students will learn iOS based mobile device development technology and complete a final project.
E3739 Smart Phone Programming(2)This course will incorporate "Design thinking" into "program design course"to design the conceptual steps of thinking, to train students through the discussion of operational thinking, and improve students can use the impact of their application and future life. This course covers the following elements: Learn the basic elements of mobile programming, understand the
basic principles of mobile phone design, layout and interactive interface, the integration of the use of Bluetooth technology and trends. Most of all, we pay attention to student participate design and results sharing.
E3861 Python Programming Language(2)This course will introduce the concept of Python programming language. At beginning of this course, I will also introduce the basic idea of computational thinking. Then, the course contents will cover the basic input/output, logical control, functions, loops control, data structure, and string processing of Python.
E3862 Introduction to Computer and Computational Thinking(2)C programming language is a kernel technology of computer technology. Its development is highly related to algebra. This course will start from well-known algebraic expressions, arrays expressions, and then extends to string expression and manipulations. Have students to enter the programming world in a natural way.

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