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Global Technology Revolution

Global Technological Revolution


S0920 Earth’s Ecosystems and Environment (2/2): This course introduces the essential issues related to the ecosystems and environments on the Earth.


E2523 Biotechnology(2/2): The course presents an introduction to the historical background and general aspects of the global technology revolution. The potential impact and influence of a variety of technologies on the future will be discussed. The points of our discussion include energy resources and environment, especially, the future of biotechnology.


S0922 Energy and Materials Technologies (2/2): (1) Trends of world energy demand. (2) The past and future of nuclear energy electric power generator. (3) Trends of renewable energy or green energy development. (4) The Problems of Energy Induced Global Environment. (5) Progress of Material Science and Information Technology. (6) The background of Information Science and Technology. (7) Materials science/Technology development of the computer and smart-phone.



S0923 Electronics and Computer Technology (2/2): This course is for students to study science and technology and to increase their basic knowledge and understanding of science and technology. Also the rapid development of civilization that deteriorates the ecological environment and resource scarcity will be treated so that students can get a deeper understanding and care for this earth we are living on.


S0924 Marine Technology (2/2): Regarding Taiwan surrounded by the ocean and sea, this course introduces the fundamentals of marine technology. It includes the topics of ocean environment, fluidic machinery, underwater technology, ocean engineering, offshore wind power and the related innovative inventions.


S0925 Sustainable Development of Technology (2/2): This course will start from introducing the conception of sustainable development, and then followed by exploring the direction of sustainable technologies in the future, through discussing the sustainable environment, sustainable economics and sustainable society.


S0926 Planning of an Intelligent Living Style in a Green Building Environment (2/2):This course mainly discusses issues about how a designer uses architecture intelligent equipment system to control architecture physical Environment Impact and green environment, integrate relation with building's connecting medium.


S0927 Evolution of Technologies (2/2): The course presents an introduction to the historical background and general aspects of the global technological revolutions in quantum, information and biochemical technologies. The potential impacts of these technologies, including micro-system technology and nanotechnology, on the future will be of special interest; the points of our discussion include environmental and energy problems.


S0928 Global Robot Industry Trend Analysis and Practicum (2/2): This course gives an introduction to the current sciences and technologies for college students. This course is to raise students' knowledge bases in order to help students face the rapid change of our world.


E3628 History of Machines (2/2): The course presents an introduction to the historical background, progressing aspects of the machine/manufacture technology, and catapult competition.

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