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Futures Studies

Futures Studies
T0864Futures Studies in the Environment(2): This course focuses on the development of a technological society and the issues that may affect such asociety, like the prevailing power structure and sustainable development. The course gives students an insight into the development of high technology.
T1178 Futures Studies in Economics (2): The purpose of this course is to help students create economic alternatives and to assist them in rethinking and reshaping their future.
T1179 Futures Studies in Society (2): This course suggests different ways of looking into the various possible futures of society. Developing sociological and future-oriented attitudes is a key element to becoming a social scientist and to developing an epistemological basis from which to predict the future.
T1180 Futures Studies in Technology (2): This course is divided into three parts: (1) The Automation of the Future; (2) The City of the Future; and (3) An Introduction to Information Technology.
T1208 Futures Studies in Politics (2): This course focuses first on the definition, principles, characteristics and the framework of future studies in politics; second, on providing students with a brief history of the development of human society. It also analyzes the causes and effects of political cultures, political behaviors, political participation and political negotiation. 

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