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Futures Studies

T0176 Futures Studies in Environment (2/0)(0/2) This course is focuses on the construction of a balanced personal value structure for both the environment and economy. The following topics are discussed: multi objective concepts, rationality, implications of the environmental crises, personal value adjustment and the environment, and the importance of morality.


T0864 Environment Change and Sustainable Development (2/0) (0/2) This course focused on the development of a technological society and issues relevant to the society that might turn out to be a society at risk, power structure and sustaining development. The study might give a new insight into the development of high technologies.


T1178 Futures Studies in Economics (2/0)(0/2) The purpose of this course is to help students create economic alternatives and to assist them in rethinking and then shaping their future.


T1179 Futures Studies in Society (2/0)(0/2) This course suggests different ways of looking into the futures of the society. Developing more sociologically- and future-oriented attitudes would be useful for social scientists in search of an epistemological basis to predict the future.


T1180 Futures Studies in Technology (2/0)(0/2) This course is divided into three parts: 1. The Automation of the Future; 2. City of the Future; and 3. An introduction to information technology.


T1208 Futures Studies in Politics (2/0)(0/2) This course focuses first on the definition, principles, characteristics and the framework of futures studies in politics; second, on providing students with a brief history and development of human society. It also analyzes the causes and effects of political cultures, political behaviors, political participation and political negotiation. 


T2052 Multicultural and Global Society (2/0) (0/2) This course aims to explore and examine the political, economical, and social impact of the emerging multiculturalism and globalization. We emphasize that the new cultural empire, in particular the American value and lifestyles, will gradually influence the society worldwide, including Taiwan.


T2159 Health, Leisure, and the Future (0/2) This course focuses on mountain sports in Taiwan and around the world. It introduces the historical and cultural dimensions of mountaineering, and deals with issues such as colonialism, aboriginal policy and identity, gender construction, feminist theory, environmental issues, technology, consumerism, and the effects of military mobilization and national identity on social forms of leisure.


T2162 Knowledge-Based Economy and Society (2/0) (0/2) Information exchange processes provide a mechanism of social coordination in addition to economic exchange relations and political and managerial control. Knowledge-based innovation systems thus provide us with a system of social coordination in terms of communication that is potentially coded differently in scientific and market domains. Related topics will be discussed in this course.


T2163 Global Futures (2/0) (0/2) The debate on globalization has been going on in a variety of fields for some time. As such a global framework emerges, an increasing number of academic discussions focus on the global futures – the framework of cooperation among corporations, governments, and advocacy groups to resolve conflict and create opportunity. In this course, diverse issues regarding global futures will be discussed.


T2187 Futures Studies and The Trend of Sports Culture (0/2) Sports are not only human physical activities, but also implications having to do with economic development, intersocietal competition, and global trend. Sports culture in one society reveals its conventional rituals and spirits. This course aims to introduce the framework of Futures Studies to explore the multifarious aspects of sports culture, and to develop a solid understanding of the most important activities of human beings.


T2189 Classic Readings of Futures Studies (0/2) The course is designed to combine basic concepts of futures thinking with literature to develop deeper thoughts and to cultivate interest in pursuing integrated knowledge of futures studies.

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