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Learning and Development

T0863 Learning in University(2/0)(0/2) The course aims to provide students with basic knowledge and skills required as university students and help students to have better understanding of their own learning styles, learning strategies, and emotional adjustment.


T0871 Motivation and Stress Management (2) The main purpose of this course is to help students learn some theories concerning motivation and application of stress management. The course includes covers the psychological aspect of motivation and stress, stress management skills and strategies, etc.


T0951  Learning Adaptation and Management(2) The course aims to providing theoretic and practical aids to facilitating the whole person development for the students. Three core elements, including learning, adaptation, and growth, would manifest throughout the course. The whole person development would consist of academic, psychological, social, and career facets. The following tasks will be facilitated via various activities, group works, homework assignment, and tests in order to achieve the goal of whole person development: 1. time management, 2. self exploration, 3. career assessment, 4. learning and studying skills, and 5. Interpersonal skills.

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