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Learning and Development

Learning and Development
T0863 Learning in University (1): This course aims to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills required by university students and to help students gain a better understanding of their own learning styles, learning strategies, and ways of adjusting.
T0871 Motivation and Stress Management (2): The main purpose of this course is to help students learn theories concerning motivation and the application of stress management. The course covers the psychological aspects of motivation and stress, stress management skills and strategies, and other related topics.
T0951 Learning Adaptation and Management (2): This course provides theoretical and practical aids to facilitate whole person growth among students. Through this course, students learn, adapt and grow by developing skills in a diverse range of areas: academic, psychological, social and career-based. During the course, students take part in various activities and group work, and complete assignments and tests that train their skills in the following fields: time management, self-exploration, career assessment, learning and study skills, and interpersonal skills.
T2921 College Student Career Development (2): This course is designed to help students understand the diverse aspects of career development and to inspire students’ self-personality traits, career interests, values, career beliefs, and to explore the world of work. The impact of family expectations on career decisions enhance students’ career planning knowledge essential to creating a self-ideal future.
Thinking Skills and Techniques (2): This course offers the learners self-training in logical and analytic abilities with knowledge and application of thinking skills and techniques. The learners will cultivate their own thinking attitudes and habits to engage in self-directed learning and become independent thinking college students.

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