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Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences
S0358 Physics and Living (2): The background about the physical mechanism in the fields of daily life and modern production will be introduced.
S0362 Exploring the Universe (2):This course presents an introduction to the solar system, the stars and galaxies, and the universe as a whole, including a brief account of the major advances in astronomy.
S0368 Chemistry and Life: Chemistry, the Environment and Society (2): This course centers on the local environmental issues and discusses related social problems as well as proposes possible solutions.
S0369 Chemistry and Life: Chemistry, Medicine and Society (2): This course introduces the basic chemistry concepts related to medicine and discusses significant social events related to both medicine and chemistry. Topics include basic drug chemistry, mind chemistry, vitamin chemistry, love chemistry, cancer chemistry, as well as the chemistry of traditional medicine.
S0377 Life Sciences: The Subtlety of the Human Body (2): This course covers the following topics: the body plan, the world inside the womb, growth and change, nimble limbs, cold and warm, the confusing brain, heart and vessels, breathing, blood as the spring of life, viewing these processes through our own body, and the body’s defense system.
S0690 Life Sciences: Gene Technology and Health (2): This course is an introduction of the recent progress in DNA, genes, modern biotechnology, and general health care.
S0727 Light, Photography and Vision (2):This course offers an introduction to the basic properties of light, photography, holography, eyes and vision, and optical instruments.
S0738 Chemistry in Daily Life (2):This course explores the general principles of the chemistry we encounter in our daily life, such as in foods, medicine, the environment, materials, electronics, detergents, plastics, and natural and synthetic fibers.
S0747 A Tourof the Wonder That Is Mathematics (2):This course deals with many interesting aspects of mathematics, such as mathematical games, puzzles, as well as popular mathematical myths. The course also describes the relevance of mathematics to our daily life. By presenting the life stories of famous mathematicians, this course also offers an overview of the development of mathematics.
S0748 The Way Science Works (2): Using easy-to-understand stories and pictures, this course explains to students the science principles and mechanism behind the technologies and products used everyday. This course is most relevant to "How Things Work" types of knowledge.
S0749 The Semiconductor in Living (2): The lecture will introduce the characters of the semiconductor, and its application: field effect transistors, optoelectronics and logical elements. This lecture is for students who are not studying in science or engineering departments.
S0751 Life Sciences: The Era of DNA Technology (2): This course is to introduce the recent developments in DNA-related technology. It also discusses the impact of such progress on life sciences, medicine, and society from legal and moral perspectives.
T2166 A Voyage to Science (2):What is science? What does science mean to us? This course offers an opportunity to examine the path of science and to search for the true meaning of a scientific civilization.

T2167 Chemistry and Life: Chemistry, Food and Society (2):
This course introduces the basic chemistry concepts regarding food and discusses social events related to food and chemistry. Topics include basic nutrition molecules, vitamins, cancerous foods, soft drinks, wine, healthy food, gene food, and so on.
T2973 Statistics in Daily Life (2): This course will introduce to the phenomenon or problems that are related to statistics or probability. The necessary analyzing software and knowledge of mathematics will be taught, too.
S1024 Gender and Science (2): This Course explains the origin of sexual differentiation from the evolutional biology point of view. How that affects the human society today and form gender issues is also a focus of discussion. Historically famous non-“man”-stream (female and homosexual) scientists will be plotted to contemplate the meaning and the future of gender equality
S1025 Science within gender education (2): This course will introduce to the phenomenon or problems that are related to science within gender education. The gender balance will be focused.

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